The S &M Foundation 


     The S & M Foundation is a non-profit organization that parners with S & M Staffing Service LLC. This foundation provides many levels of education to Lancaster South Carolina and surrounding areas, services include but are not limited to : 

Employment training, computer literacy programs, job equiette classes ,  job searches, financial planning and life skills for adults over the age of 18 years old.  We partner with S & M Staffing Services LLC , so that once classes are completed clients can then be placed for jobs. 

We also offer: Tutoring for Math, Science and English for school ages students from grades 3rd -12th and college students( Math only).  Summer and after school programs for students referred by the school for additional help, we also  provider Summer jump start programs for students who desire to get ahead. This program allow students to become familiar with what they will be learning for the next year. It gives them a learning curve in the classroom which sets them up for a sucessful school year. 

We partner  with local business's with youth job placements for teens ages 16 years and older, we teach job equiette, interview skills and resume building and prepare them for the workforce. The graduate with a certificate of their acheievement and in most cases are placed for part-time employment. 

We work withing in our community to not only get adults working in better paying job scales but to also help our teenage youth and school age youth prepare for their future and figure out a direction in life that works for them.  We are making a difference one life at a time at The S & M Foundation. 

If your interested in becoming a cleint of the S & M Foundation, volunteer or make a donation please click the form below and a member of our staff will contact you soon.       Referral Button:                                                                Donation Button: